Day 356- Maria Elena Salinas

It’s a rainy evening here in Orlando, and I’ve been home, working on some “Holdin’ Out”- related contacts. I’m also listening to music while I write. It’s kind of nice having an undetermined amount of “down time,” despite being so busy. At least I don’t feel all the hassles of the back-to-school season that plague students and parents alike in early August. I can just use this newfound time to focus on my efforts– and have fun with my family and friends whenever an opportunity presents itself!

In 2008, one of my favorite professional organizations, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) surprised me by awarding me their Maria Elena Salinas Scholarship. I was so shocked, because I was still a very young sophomore at Valencia Community College.

Winning that scholarship and being among the students that were honored at the banquet in New York was a life-changing experience for me, because I realized that my hard work as both a student and as a writer was not going unnoticed.

Lately, it seems, I’m having many of those “life-changing moments.” It’s like in the animated film, “Pocahontas,” when she sings about how you “can’t step in the same river twice.” I feel like I am not living the same exact life from one moment to the next. My life is always changing, always shifting, always surprising me and blessing me.

Always improving.

It is because of that aforementioned unexpected blessing that I’d like to profile T.V. journalist Maria Elena Salinas, and contact her.

Ms. Salinas is one of the founding members of the NAHJ, and is considered “one of the most recognized and influential female Hispanic journalists in the United States.”


In addition to having interviewed many of the world’s most influential people as co-anchor for “Noticiero Univision,” Salinas is incredibly active in social causes, particularly those related to Latinos. She has contributed extensive coverage of the immigration reform debate, and according to Salinas’ Web site, “on radio, she spearheaded a national campaign to to motivate Hispanic students to stay in school.” Salinas also is heavily involved with health-related initiatives.

Needless to say, Maria Elena Salinas is rockin’ it as a hero! I can’t wait to share my spina bifida awareness campaign with her.

I will try to get in touch with her either through Facebook or Twitter.

Now, I’m signing off to get back to some more work for Holdin’ Out! Be encouraged, friends, we are making some great strides.


Laurita ♥




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