Day 357- Christian Henríquez (of One Voice Radio)

You’re probably tired of reading about all the amazing people I’ve met through the Twitter #latism network. Well, please make room for one more.

About five months ago, my friend Christian Henríquez told me about a new online radio show he was starting, called “One Voice Radio.” He was new to this, but he already had a blog about issues that affect Latinos and other topics. So, expanding his work to another medium seemed like a very logical step.

I, too, was treading unchartered waters. Already seven months into my blog, I still had absolutely no idea what the level of impact of this project would be.

So, I think it was probably out of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s respective projects that Chris and I decided I would be on the show. I had no idea that this was going to require some serious preparation on my part. I went over several topics I wanted to address. Mostly, I was concerned that the focus of the program would be on “prevention” and not on “quality of life.”

There was no need to worry. Although Christian had some questions in mind for me, he basically allowed me to steer the conversation towards the points I thought were most important to know about my efforts.

We talked about prevention, but we also talked about how the constant emphasis on prevention can negatively affect the focus on improving the quality of life for people already living with spina bifida.

I discussed the different secondary conditions that typically result from having spina bifida, such as hydrocephalus, and bladder and bowel incontinence.

The conversation lasted about 45 minutes. I am so grateful that he allowed me the time to share all that I wanted to tell people about spina bifida, without feeling rushed.

Chris is definitely one of the most compassionate people who has taken some sort of action on behalf of this cause. This is why I wanted to feature him as a hero.

Another issue that he has addressed on both his show and his blog is immigration reform. For his first episode, Chris invited former LATISM CEO Kety Esquivel.

I was only the second guest he’d had on the program! Of course, I was more than honored to be asked.

Some people like to make an impact on society in a very specific way. Others, like Christian, don’t seem to be too focused on that. They just care about making a difference, no matter how small or large.

My friend, rest assured; you have made a huge difference for our awareness campaign! Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe how indebted I am to you.

If you are on Twitter, please follow Christian here. If you’d like to follow his updates that are specific to “One Voice Radio,” click here.

Thanks again, Christian, for caring enough to make a difference– “one voice” at a time.



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