Day 360- Kendra Todd

It’s a phrase that has long been cliché in our culture, and yet has seen a reawakening in popularity of late: “You’re fired!”

Generation X probably heard that adage most likely on “The Jetsons,” but we Generation Y-ers know it all too well from Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice,” the show on which The Donald selects from a pool of 16 contestants someone to work for him.

Fortunately, Kendra Todd never heard Trump bellow that phrase at her. The winner of “The Apprentice” Season 3, Todd was a real estate broker in Boynton Beach, Florida. From 2006 to 2008, Todd was the host of the HGTV series “My House is Worth What?”

She also worked as a recap writer for for episodes of “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.”

Last year, Todd began working for Keller Williams Realty, and she recently launched a site titled Grow Rich God’s Way, in line with her strong Christian beliefs.

Upon telling a close friend of my family’s about Holdin’ Out for a Hero, he mentioned Kendra and how he had met her. He encouraged me to write to her, and so I have listened. I heartily hope that this will turn into something good, and that she will heed our call for spina bifida awareness! Remember, everyone can bring something unique to our table. We need to get the message out to as many people as we can!

I better go soon. I was partying really hard at the weekly LATISM Twitter party tonight!


Laurita ♥



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