Day 362- Social Media Club

It’s really coming down to it now. I didn’t realize until late last night, when I had posted an entry, that I slightly miscalculated the number of entries I owe from my last trip to New York! So, I’m writing two today, and two tomorrow, and hopefully, by then, we should be all caught up.

Today, I had breakfast with one of my closest friends, Krystal. I’ve only known her for a few short years, but she’s an amazing person and has been incredibly supportive of my cause since its inception.

It’s a real inspiration to me any time I can make someone totally “unrelated” to someone with spina bifida, as passionate about this cause as I am living with it every day.

After Church, I was able to go out with another great friend of mine, Vionet-Edith, whom I hadn’t seen in months! (That’s ages when you’re in your early twenties.) We went to Bar Louie, where they were ironically celebrating their 20th anniversary since the first bar/restaurant opened. Funny, since I’m celebrating my blog’s first birthday.

I’ve decided that it’s high time for the gloves to come off, and get down to business with everything social media-related. I recognize, now more than ever after having attended the BlogHer conference, that social media is a new force like no other, and we have to tap that resource if spina bifida is ever going to get the public attention and support it so deserves.

In light of this, I’m going to contact the Social Media Club, which is an international organization for social media professionals and enthusiasts alike. Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells started the first SMC chapter in the San Francisco Bay area back in 2006. Now, the club boasts over 200 official chapters all over the world. From Missouri to Montréal to Malaysia, there are people who are yearning to get and stay connected.

The SMC seeks to promote media literacy and the sharing of information and advances in social media technology with others. I can’t wait to find out how I can get involved with my local chapter and how they might help promote my cause using what the know best– social media.

Yes, I realize how ironic it is I chose to profile this entity on the same night that I enjoyed interactions with several friends– IRL! (IRL = “in real life.”)





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