A Healthy Addiction: Chain-Blogger Elisa Camahort

This is why I’m so incredibly happy to have found social media. After a few days of “laying low” (well, honestly, getting some rest and leisure time into my schedule!) I feel rejuvenated with ideas and encouragement.

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve decided to continue my “hero profiles,” not daily, of course, but whenever I find someone or hear of someone who I think we should reach out to and who can support our cause somehow.

On that note, I’m pleased to introduce you to Elisa Camahort. A fellow blogger (although, to put myself in the same category as her isn’t fair– she’s phenomenal!), Camahort is co-founder of BlogHer, the organization that hosted the conference I attended last month.

During one of the parties at the conference, my friend Ana Roca-Castro introduced me to Elisa. We immediately hit it off, and she seemed very genuinely interested in my Holdin’ Out for a Hero cause.

Just a few days after the conference, I received a forwarded E-mail from Ana. Elisa wanted to get in touch with me, but could not pick out my name from all the business cards she collected. Ana immediately passed that E-mail along to me, and so now we are in contact.

I’ve profiled quite a few bloggers and social media entrepreneurs on this site, so to keep from sounding repetitive, I really want to share with you what I love about Elisa’s content.


Ms. Camahort authors seven different blogs! (If you’ll recall my remark above, this is why I shouldn’t put myself in the same category as her.) She truly gives the term “social media” an entirely different meaning, as she is constantly interacting with different “audiences” on her blogs, and engaging in “IRL” relationships (“in real life”) when she attends or speaks atblogger conferences.

One of her blogs in particular got my attention. At HealthyConcerns.com, which Camahort started in 2005 as a sponsored blog, she writes about the whole range of health care from health issues in the news to new developments in treatments to discussing the ever-divisive debate on health care reform that still haunts us to this day.

But Camahort does not limit herself to blogging just about health issues. She also authors Veggie Goes Vegan, where she documents her journey from vegetarian to full-fledged vegan, and Worker Bees Blog, which is about social media, marketing, and other related topics.

So, to sum it up, Elisa’s is definitely a brain I need to pick! (But I’ll do that nicely, don’t worry.)

I hope I get in touch with her again soon so that we might start discussing the spina bifida cause and its dire need of exactly what she knows a lot about– social media and marketing.

Either way, Elisa is a hero to me because of the way she inspires so many women to come together in solidarity, no matter their differences, to celebrate their common status asbloggers.

Good Night & Good Luck,

Laurita ♥




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