This Week’s Rundown (Okay, not just this week’s)

Yes, I know. It’s kind of difficult to name a blog post “This Week’s Rundown” when it actually includes updates for the span of two weeks, and not just one. Duly noted. 

But, I’m constantly needing to adjust my internal settings due to my new “non-schedule.” The fact of the matter is, it’s anybody’s guess where I am or what I am doing on any given day. Whether it’s writing for Marquis or LATISM, or attending an event as an opportunity to promote Holdin’ Out for a Hero, it’s pretty unpredictable! That being said– I love it. 

Here’s a quick review of some of the things I’ve been up to since I last blogged here: 

  • I’ve been busy planning and organizing events for young adults with spina bifida in the Central Florida area! This is an exciting project that I’ve wanted to undertake for months, and I’m having fun getting started. My hope is that more people will get involved, and that we can really connect based on our shared experiences. 
  • There are a few letters that I’d like to send out soon. I’ll keep you posted when I send them, or if I receive replies!
  • There are also several different opportunities for which I think I could apply on behalf of Holdin’ Out for a Hero. I’m not going to discuss these in detail right now (I’m very superstitious!), but I can say that I hope and pray that God will allow some of these opportunities to come to pass for us. 
  • I’m signed up for several upcoming events as a volunteer. As always, I enjoy these opportunities to help out with other causes, but I also would welcome the chance to speak to others about Holdin’ Out and my mission for spina bifida awareness. 
  • I’m enjoying being part of the Board of Directors for the Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida. Also, I’m now Tweeting for them, and you can follow all our updates!


And here’s just a random addendum. I’ve recently become obsessed with an incredible story I only learned about a few weeks ago. While watching the Academy Awards, I saw that actor James Franco was up for an Oscar (he didn’t win) for his remarkable portrayal of a real person. Aron Ralston is an avid hiker, climber and overall adventure-seeker who was trapped in a canyon for six days in Moab, Utah. His arm being crushed by a boulder that came loose when he descended the canyon, he eventually had to resort to amputating his own arm in order to free himself. Danny Boyle’s film “127 Hours” is the fairly accurate portrayal of what occurred during those lonely, desolate days. 

Sure, it has virtually nothing to do with spina bifida, but long before I began writing this blog, I was fascinated by bizarre stories of survival and human triumph in the face of extreme adversity, so I thought it share this. If you haven’t seen the “Dateline NBC” special on this story with Tom Brokaw, I highly recommend watching this before seeing the film. I’m definitely going to keep Aron Ralston in my mind whenever I feel tempted to complain about my circumstances. 

So that, in a nutshell, is what I’ve been up to– living life and searching for inspiration. I hope that your search for inspiration is successful, as well! 





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