Lights Guided Me Home

I can’t tell you just how amazing it feels to be “home” at last! No, I haven’t taken a trip recently, but if you’ve been following all my latest posts and updates, you know that I’ve been in the seventh circle of technological hell, and I thought I’d never escape. With unreliable hosting and constant connectivity issues at home (and many people not finding my site), I felt I was roaming cyberspace alone, a technological nomad with no place to call my own.

It fills me with joy and relief to announce that, as of Monday evening, those days are behind me! I’ve found hosting once more where I always knew I belonged– WordPress.

These past few weeks– no, months, have launched me into a whirlwind of new responsibilities– and possibilities. Many of you who have friended me on Facebook have no doubt seen my status updates and photos of several events I’ve attended, such as the Hispanic Business & Consumer Expo, and other functions in my community. At every function I attend, I make it my priority to promote awareness of spina bifida.

Pedro Silva, Daniela Sánchez, and Homán Machuca of Telemundo with me at the Hispanic Business & Consumer Expo!

With my friend Yisel Tejeda, of Telemundo and fellow NAHJ member, at the Expo.

I even ordered new business cards, and their main focus is this cause, this Web site. I hope that my new Web presence, coupled with a nice new card with all the information on Holdin’ Out, will increase both readership and interest in this initiative.

A week ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the 2011 Relay for Life in support of an organization I’ve recently become involved with, Hispanic Young Professional Entrepreneurs, or HYPE Orlando. As part of its commitment to serving the community, HYPE members formed their own team and walked in the relay, which raises funds and awareness of cancer. I had actually never been to a Relay for Life event before, and didn’t know what to expect.

Photo credit: HYPE Orlando

It actually didn’t take long for me to feel overcome with emotion and inspired by the dozens of people who were walking for their friends, their relatives, for people who had passed away, and people who were survivors and participated in the survivor lap. Then, it hit me. I started to think of my beloved Abuelito, my Mami’s dad, who passed away almost five years ago after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was the only grandfather I had known, and to this day, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that I’ll never see him again in this lifetime.

As dusk soon gave way to the dark of night, the luminaries that lined the track, votive candles placed in paper bags that had been lovingly decorated in honor or in memory of different people, were lit.

Light in the midst of darkness-- and HOPE.

As I watched the participants trace the track at different times, it was an amazing sight to see from a distance the lights of all the supporters guiding their way on the dark pavement.

And now, here I am, after months of virtual darkness, when I thought I would never get my Web site back to what it was before. Now, in its sheer simplicity of design and function, it feels like it’s exactly where it should be for now. I don’t know that I’ll never change it again. I can’t promise that, because I can’t say with certainty what I think the needs of Holdin’ Out will be in the following weeks or months.

A very big thank you is in order. There were many people who reached out to me and offered technical support during my most desperate, and darkest, hours. To all of you– I can’t thank you enough. Thanks also to all who have lifted my spirits and kept me believing that I could continue with this mission.

We can’t always make out what the path looks like from a distance, or where it will lead us. We can only hope to follow the light of the next candle, then the next candle, then the next.

Thanks for holdin’ out for me!



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  1. SO glad your hosting issues are resolved and you’re BACK! I know just how stressful all that can be. Hope you’re having a blast at SheCon!

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