Because I Said I’d Blog from SheCon!

As a blogger of nearly two years, I should know better by now. But it seems every time I go on vacation, I promise to blog, even under the craziest of circumstances! For instance, I didn’t even know until today where to find my login and password for the Wi-Fi access. That can present a problem when you’re at a social media conference in Miami and you’re dying to share the news of what’s going on with your readers!

Well, wait no longer! Even if I won’t be able to cover all the juicy details in tonight’s post, I will go over a few highlights. I promise to share even more with all of you in another post, once we get back home and settled in (ugggh) Orlando. (No offense, but I’ve just gotten used to waking up, dragging the curtains back and gawking at a corner-window view of the ocean, ‘kay?)

Papi, Mami and I left Orlando on Thursday morning and arrived in Miami about 4 hours later. The ride was pretty boring almost all the way (clearly not the scenic route!), so we were more than eager to check-in at the Shelbourne Beach Resort.

Friday was the first official day of the conference, and I was so excited to arrive at the Miami Convention Center. Mami (who has ended up attending the conference with me!) and I listened to Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki’s electrifying talk about “enchanting” people, and he signed copies of his book for all of us!

After meeting Mr. Kawasaki and telling him about Holdin’ Out, I had an emotional reunion with my friends Blanca and Jeannette. Blanca was moderating the Social Media & Diversity panel, and Jeannette was one of the panelists.  To my sheer surprise, Blanca asked me to join the panel! So, flying by the seat of my pants (as I often do), I joined Jeannette and Maria in sharing our knowledge, views and experiences in diversity as it relates to the blogosphere.

Blanca, Jeannette, Maria and me at SheCon for the "Social Media & Diversity Panel."

I did a lot of networking in the expo hall, too. The expo is pretty small, and there aren’t too many exhibitors, so I’ve been able to visit almost every booth, share my business card, and talk a bit about my spina bifida awareness mission. I think that the “smaller conference” aspect has worked to my advantage, as people aren’t as overwhelmed by conference attendees.

One particular experience in the expo might land me on TV! Lifetime Television had a booth at SheCon and was interviewing women bloggers on Friday for their morning show titled “The Balancing Act.” When I made my pitch to the people at the Lifetime booth, one of them immediately jumped up, ran over to the producers, and came back to me, saying that reporter Kristy Villa, one of the show’s hosts, was going to interview me! I’m posting photos of the experience, and will be sure to share any information about when that segment will air once I hear from them.

Being interviewed by Kristy Villa for "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime! WOW!

Kristy and I after she interviewed me for Lifetime Television!

Well, it’s been an all-too-short, insane, but memorable weekend to say the least. I must go to bed now, as tomorrow is the final day of the conference, and I sure don’t want to spend it sleeping in.

More to come! Be sure to check back for updates this week!


Laurita ♥



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6 responses to “Because I Said I’d Blog from SheCon!

  1. wow, I want to know more now! 🙂 I will be back for the updates. Saludos and I hope I get to meet you IRL in another conference.

  2. Hey chica! You are awesome and fabulous with such a glow about you. And I adore you mami Myrna! Please, let’s stay in touch. It was such a blessing to meet you and your mother. Love you guys!

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    Greets 😀

  4. Sorry, I confused, do yo meet* xd I confused the verb

  5. ita

    just reading ur blog, luv it and inspiring..

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