My voice will be heard!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Day 1- Judy Woodruff

Day 2- Larry King

Special Update: Judy Woodruff

Day 3- Oprah Winfrey

Day 4- Anderson Cooper

Day 5- Ellen DeGeneres

Day 6-U2

Day 7- Ashton Kutcher

Day 8- Miley Cyrus

Day 9- Chris Rock

Day 10- Orlando Magic

Day 11- Mario López

Day 12- Tyra Banks

Day 13- Carrie Underwood

We Shall Overcome, but We Shall Never Forget (9/11)

Day 14- The View

Day 15- Will Smith

Day 16- Ryan Seacrest

Day 17- Maria Shriver

Day 18- Josh Groban

Day 19- Beyoncé Knowles

Day 20- Soledad O’Brien

Day 21- America Ferrera

Day 22- Bruce Springsteen

Day 23- Robin Williams

Day 24- Michelle Obama

Day 25- Rick Sánchez

Day 26- Tom Hanks

Day 27- Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Day 28- Queen Latifah

Day 29- Ricky Martin

Day 30- Bill Hemmer

Day 31- Martha Stewart

Special Update: Bill Hemmer

Day 32- David Letterman

News Flash!

Day 33- Daryn Kagan

Day 34- Bonnie Hunt

Day 35- Taylor Swift

Day 36- Stephen Colbert

Day 37- Jon Stewart

Day 38- Gordon Ramsay

Day 39- John Mellencamp

Day 40- Seal

Day 41- Pantene

Telemundo “Triunfadores” on YouTube!

Day 42- Jimmy Kimmel

Day 43- Dove Soap

Day 44- Disney-ABC Television Group

Day 45- Kimberly-Clark

Day 46- Peter Facinelli

Day 47- Liberty Mutual

Day 48- Target

Day 49- Ty Pennington

Day 50- Universal Orlando

Day 51- Fifth Third Bank

Day 52- Matt Damon

Day 53- Sears

Day 54- Black Eyed Peas (The Peapod Foundation)

Day 55- Starbucks Coffee Company

Day 56- Scarlett Johansson

Day 57- Tiger Woods

Day 58- Ted Turner

Day 59- General Mills

Day 60- Boris Kodjoe

Day 61- Joy Behar

Day 62- Jay Leno

Day 63- Serena Williams

Day 64- George López

Day 65- American Airlines

Day 66- Ben & Jerry’s

Day 67- Nicolas Cage

Day 68- Prudential

Day 69- Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Day 70- Angelina Jolie

Day 71- Milla Jovovich

Day 72- Ford Motor Company

Day 73- Gloria Estefan

Personal Reflections, Musings & Whatnot

Day 74- Joey Fatone

Day 75- Carter Oosterhouse

Day 76- Hugh Jackman

Day 77- VF Corporation

Day 78- Oscar de la Hoya

Day 79- Clear Channel Communications

Day 80- Andre Agassi

Day 81- Taylor Lautner

Day 82- Newsweek

Day 83- Rachael Ray

Day 84- The New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, etc.

Day 85- The NASCAR Foundation

Day 86- Food Network

Day 87- Shakira

Day 88- PepsiCo. & Coca-Cola

Day 89- Univision

Day 90- Telemundo

Day 91- Subaru

Day 92- Pierce Brosnan

Day 93- The New Yorker

Day 94- Geico

Day 95- Macy’s…and Santa Claus

Day 96- Stevie Wonder

Day 97- Penelope Cruz

Day 98- Amy Grant

Day 99- Colin Farrell

Day 100- Wolf Blitzer

Day 101- Elton John

Day 102- Whole Foods Market

Day 103- McDonald’s

Day 104- Justin Long

Day 105- Apple, Inc.

Day 106- AT&T

Day 107- George Clooney

Day 108- Alicia Keys

Day 109- Harrison Ford

Day 110- Jim Carrey

Day 111- Jonas Brothers

Day 112- Don Francisco

Day 113- Johnson & Johnson Co.

Day 114- Justin Timberlake

Day 115- Brendan Fraser

Day 116- Cristina Saralegui

Day 117- Chayanne

Day 118- Jennifer López

Day 119- Antonio Banderas

Day 120- Olga Tañón

Day 121- Luis Fonsi

Day 122- Ednita Nazario

Day 123- Segreles

Day 124- Gilberto Santa Rosa

Day 125- Daniel Craig

Day 126- Prince William

Day 127- Nemours Children’s Clinic

Day 128- Wells Fargo

Day 129- Hydrocephalus Association

Day 130- Kelly Ripa

Day 131- Regis Philbin

Day 132- Dan Marino

Day 133- Don Cheadle

Day 134- Action Magazine

Day 135- John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Day 136- Project Take Action

Day 137- Rotary International

Day 138- Bob Saget

Day 139- Nelson Mandela

Day 140- Quickie/Sunrise Medical

Day 141- The Cody Unser First Step Foundation

Day 142- Denzel Washington

Day 143- Eva Mendes

Day 144- Tommy Lee Jones

Day 145- Kate Winslet

Day 146- Julia Roberts

Day 147- Johnny Depp

Day 148- Reese Witherspoon

Day 149- Rosie O’Donnell

Day 150- Jorge Ramos

Day 151- Jennifer Hudson

Day 152- Richard M. Daley

Day 153- United Cerebral Palsy

Day 154- Cheryl Hines

Day 155- Helen Donegan, UCF Community Relations

Day 156- Joaquin Phoenix

Day 157- Lucymar Rivera

Day 158- Julianne Moore

Day 159- Orlando Sentinel

Day 160- The Miami Herald

Day 161- L.A. Times

Day 162- New Mobility Magazine

Day 163- Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center

Day 164- David & Victoria Beckham

Day 165- John Legend

Day 166- Liam Neeson

Day 167- Heather Armstrong (of

Day 168- Insights Into Spina Bifida newsletter

Day 169- Cure Medical

Day 170- Sean Penn

Day 171- McCormick Foundation

Day 172- Helen Thomas

Day 173- Madonna

Day 174- Russian Embassy

Day 175- Matthew McConaughey

Day 176- Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Day 177- Mariska Hargitay

Day 178- Hope for Orphans with Special Needs

Day 179- Child Development International

Day 180- Duke Center for Human Genetics

Day 181- American Adoptions

Day 182- Ewan McGregor

Day 183- March of Dimes

Day 184- Katherine Heigl

Day 185- Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Shugart, Valencia Community College President

Day 186- Jennifer Bechard

Day 187- Christie Garton, USA Today

Day 188- The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation

Day 189- Sandra Bullock

Day 190- Good Morning America

Day 191- Alsy Acevedo

Day 192- Chris Matthews

Day 193- Matt Lauer & The TODAY Show

Day 194- Robin Meade

Day 195- Stanley Tucci

Day 196- Kelsey Grammer

Day 197- Tony Shalhoub

Day 198- Justin Bartha

Day 199- Anthony LaPaglia

Day 200- Nathan Lane

Day 201- Christina Aguilera

Day 202- Meryl Streep

Day 203- Selena Gomez

Day 204- Larry Shure

Day 205- Pres. Barack Obama

Day 206- Jason Mraz

Day 207- Eva Longoria Parker

Day 208- Jessica Biel

Day 209- Spencer Day

Day 210- Michael Bublé

Day 211- Rep. Bart Stupak (D, Michigan)

Day 212- Rep. Chris Smith (R, New Jersey)

Day 213- Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D, Arizona)

Day 214- Rep. Vic Snyder (D, Arkansas)

Day 215- Rep. Anna Eshoo (D, California)

Day 216- Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark (D, California)

Day 217- Rep. Henry Waxman (D, California)

Day 218- Rep. Michael Castle (R, Delaware)

Day 219- Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R, Florida)

Day 220- Rep. Clifford B. “Cliff” Stearns (R, Florida)

Day 221- Rep. Madeleine Bordallo (D, Guam)

Day 222- Rep. Jerry F. Costello (D, Illinois)

Day 223- Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D, Illinois)

Day 224- Rep. Mark Kirk (R, Illinois)

Day 225- Rep. Dan Burton (R, Indiana)

Day 226- Rep. Tom Latham (R, Iowa)

Day 227- Rep. Ben Chandler (D, Kentucky)

Day 228- Rep. Mike Michaud (D, Maine)

Day 229- Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D, Maryland)

Day 230- Rep. Thad McCotter (R, Michigan)

Day 231- Rep. Fred Upton (R, Michigan)

Day 232- Rep. Denny Rehberg (R, Montana)

Day 233- Rep. Lee Terry (R, Nebraska)

Day 234- Rep. Shelley Berkley (D, Nevada)

Day 235- Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D, New Hampshire)

Day 236- Rep. Donald M. Payne (D, New Jersey)

Day 237- Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D, New York)

Day 238- Rep. Mike McIntyre (D, North Carolina)

Day 239- Rep. Brad Miller (D, North Carolina)

Day 240- Rep. David Price (D, North Carolina)

Day 241- Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D, Ohio)

Day 242- Rep. Steven C. La Tourette (R, Ohio)

Day 243- Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D, Oregon)

Day 244- Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D, Rhode Island)

Day 245- Rep. Jim Langevin (D, Rhode Island)

Day 246- Sen. Chris Dodd (D, Connecticut)

Day 247- Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R, Tennessee)

Day 248- Rep. Jim Cooper (D, Tennessee)

Day 249 – Rep. Zach Wamp (R, Tennessee)

Day 250- Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D, Texas)

Day 251- Rep. Pete Sessions (R, Texas)

Day 252- Rep. Donna M. Christensen (D, U.S. Virgin Islands)

Day 253- Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R, Virginia)

Day 254- Rep. Jim Moran (D, Virginia)

Day 255- Rep. Bob Wittman (R, Virginia)

Special Update: Spencer Day

Day 256- Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D, Wisconsin)

Day 257- Benicio del Toro

Day 258- Mel Gibson

Day 259- Tina Fey

Day 260- Jennifer Aniston

Day 261- J.K. Rowling

Day 262- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Day 263- Casey Martin

Day 264- Sting

Day 265- El Nuevo Día’s Cristina Fernández

Day 266- Panera Bread Company

Day 267- WESH’s Aixa Díaz

Day 268- Simon Cowell

Day 269- New Hope for Kids

Day 270- Ray Romano

Day 271- David Arquette

Day 272- Rihanna

Day 273- Women’s Health

Day 274- Annie Lennox

Day 275- Morgan Freeman

Day 276- Leonardo DiCaprio

Day 277- Sarykarmen Rivera

Day 278- Starlight Children’s Foundation

Day 279- Tito “El Bambino”

Day 280- Ybeth Bruzual of Central Florida News 13

Day 281- Rebecca Aguilar of Wise Latinas Linked

Day 282- People en Español

Day 283- Nexos Latinos

Day 284- Tom Brokaw

Day 285- Kevin Olivas (of NAHJ’s Parity Project)

Day 286- Gary Tuchman (of CNN)

Day 287- Betty Nguyen (of CBS Morning News)

Day 288- Lady Gaga

Day 289- Chita Rivera

Day 290- Latino Leadership, Inc.

Day 291- John Quiñones (of ABC News)


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