Day 90- Telemundo


Yes, I've been anticipating the opportunity to honor my friends at Telemundo!

Happy Black Friday! Hope you had a great day, no matter what you decided to do, and I hope that, if you went shopping, you wore sensible shoes! I went shopping with Mom, and later I found out Dad attempted to do some shopping himself. The thing about my family is that we show up– at the crack of 3 p.m. So, it’s safe to assume we missed all the great doorbusters. Oh, well. Still, it’s almost interesting in an omigosh-I-so-want-to-jump-into-oncoming-traffic sort of way to observe other people performing their Black Friday rituals– like lions lining up at a watering hole in the Serengeti.

Plus, with a wheelchair it’s even more frustrating, because people always seem to be in your way. Accessible as a place may be, there is no easy access to be found anywhere on this, the shopping day from Hell. It was awesome! But, it’s good to be home and be getting ready to go to bed. Let me tell you, after our day at the Florida Mall, I was so needing that cup of hot chocolate (Mom always puts semi-sweet chocolate chips in milk, and pops it in the microwave!).

But now, it’s business as usual. I’ve E-mailed Telemundo, because it seems so practical and obvious that I should “reach out” to all the major Hispanic media outlets. Of course, in my message, I included the link to the Telemundo “Triunfadores” video, which I posted on YouTube a while back. I figure it should get their attention that I was featured in that. At least, I hope it gets their attention! Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it (or want to see it again, or share it, or whatever!)

Currently, Telemundo is running a campaign on their Web site to encourage Latinos to participate in the Census 2010. Telemundo also strives to shed light on the socially relevant issues of the day, and how they relate to the Hispanic population.

And now, a brief note about “Day 57.” Tiger Woods was released from the hospital today (Friday) after being treated for minor injuries following a car accident, which occurred in his neighborhood, here in Orlando. As he was pulling out of his driveway, he struck a fire hydrant, and then a tree. Thankfully, his wife ,Elin, rushed out of the house after hearing the crash, and she grabbed one of his golf clubs to break the rear-view window and pull him out. I’ve never heard of a man being saved by his own sport! That’s pretty incredible…if filled with cosmic irony (a literary term). He is now home, and doing well– thank God.

As for me, I’m doing pretty good, and of course, I’m keeping busy. I’ve just got a minor urine infection that I hope will clear up soon. What can I say? It comes with the territory.

Well, I should be hitting the hay soon, as it’s been an action-packed day, and apparently not just for me. Keep spreading the word– and don’t wake me up before noon! (Just kidding.)

Good night!

Laurita 🙂


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  1. Nick P

    On ‘today’ I just heard that Tiger and his wife could have been fighting and the scratches on his face were from his wife. Then she took the golf club to his SUV which caused him to crash his SUV. aaah gotta love the media! lol 😉

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